1. Permanent make - up (PMu)

Permanent make - up implements natural pigments into the lower part of basal layer of the skin (0,3 - 0,5 mm). The difference between permanent tattoo and permanent make up is based on pigment ingredients. Only natural pigments should be used for the face, as far they do not contain heavy metals and they diminish from the skin gradually. The period of pigmentation varies individually.

permanentny make-up pmu obrazok Depends on:

  • client's complexion pigment
  • selected area
  • selected pigment tint
  • later care of tattooed part of skin
  • PMu application methodology

PMu is used for eyebrow correction, eye lines to emphasize eye shape, lip shape correction, as well as for corrections of various skin diseases such as vitiligo.

Permanent make up can cover various skin problems, emphasize nice parts of the face. It can replace daily used make - up or ease up daily care. PMu can help you stay made up on vacation or during sport. By no means can it replace evening make - up or can it be confused with plastic surgery .

2. Things to know before applying PMu:

I offer free consultation with an individual approach towards each client. Together we go through available and suitable possibilities. We agree upon the shape and the colour of pigmented area. I show the client photographs before and after PMu. I answer all the questions and after client's decision for application, we set the date of a session. Then the client pays an advance payment against the receipt. In case of illness the session must be postponed at least 24 hours prior to the agreed term, otherwise the advanced payment cannot be refunded.

permanentny make-up 3. The procedure

  • disinfection of the tattooed area
  • local anaesthetise (EMLA)
  • the shape of the tattooed area is first drawn with a pencil, then approved by the client
  • treatment after the application
  • the client is instructed about care of the tattooed area.
  • a checking session in the studio a month after the application of PMu
  • We keep detailed records about the date and the application of PMu of each client so that in case of latter permanent make-up remake we can exactly identify pigment tint and needle used before.
  • For PMu or permanent tattoo, we use certified high quality tattoo machines and pigments. Needles, points, gloves are sterile and only for single use (always opened at the presence of the client).

4. PMu may be applied under following conditions:

  • The client’s age above 18, younger clients only with the parent's approval
  • Healthy client, no antibiotics or medicine supporting bleeding used at time
  • No alcohol, drugs nor other toxics used 24 hours before the application
  • Any regular make - up must be removed at least 12 hours before the application

5. Contraindications (When is PMu not recommended?)

  • Advanced diabetes (when insulin application is necessary)
  • Allergy to anaesthetics
  • Pregnancy
  • Over suntanned skin
  • Immunity failures
  • Thyroid disease
  • Chemotherapy (minimum 6 months after)
  • Indicated enhanced bleeding, lowered coagulation of blood
  • No tattoo is allowed to be applied over birthmarks

6. Die Sorge nach der Behandlung

  • Take care about the tattooed area according to the instructions of the cosmetician
  • Avoid sunbathing or solarium
  • Careful washing, soft drying only with the clean towel
  • Do not remove any crusts, the area must be healed itself!
  • No make - up use
  • Follow the hygienic instructions
  • Keep the tattooed area clean and dry
  • By NO means the cream Framykoin may be applied (as an antibiotic cure it removes the alien elements from the body - in this case the pigment would be removed)
  • Special care is recommended for lips as far they are permanently under stress and used. With little moves of lips, the pigment may fall off earlier.
  • As an protective reaction of the body fever blister or herpes may appear
  • In case of any difficulties, contact your cosmetician immediately!


7. Price list

Price list

Anaesthetise 1 area (EMLA) 10 €

Starting at - means the price for the first tattoo, each following session includes a new needle and material 17 €

Specific areas as nipples or full lips require more sessions.

The number of sessions for other areas depends on your home care.

The first step towards your perfection is made in the studio and the second step, equally important, depends on you.

The checking session or further tattooing is possible after a month, when the skin is completely healed!

8. Photographs

1. Before

PMU pred zakrokom

2. Immediately after application

PMU tesne po zakroku PMU tesne po zakroku

3. Healed area after a month

PMU vyhojené (po 1. mesiaci) PMU vyhojené (po 1. mesiaci)

4. Permanent makeup and regular makeup

PMU + denné líčenie PMU + denné líčenie

5. Permanent makeup and evening makeup

PMU + večerné líčenie PMU + večerné líčenie


The player will show in this paragraph

pred zákrokom počas zákroku tesne po zákroku


Obočie pôvodné Príprava na zákrok Počas zákroku Tesne po PMU Po mesiaci