Ľubica Hegerová - nurse and cosmetician

Since my school years, I have already known what my dream job was.

This has been my dream: care for women, so that they can be beautiful and satisfied with themselves!

profil After graduation from the nursing school, I started my work carrier at the skin department of the hospital to gain more experience for my future work.

Later I worked at the Institute of medical cosmetics, where experienced doctors and nurses taught me how to help ill and problematic skin, as well as how to apply various procedures not usually performed by common cosmeticians such as epilation, electrocoagulation, cryotherapy, derma-peeling treatments. After ten years of practice, I have decided to start up my own business. As far as cosmetic industry evolves quickly and updates various products to suit modern women, I follow all new trends and issues in cosmetic world. I attend various trainings and courses. In case of necessity I consult specific client’s cases with experts and, of course, I recommend my clients, where and with whom can they solve their problems. During many years of practice, I have developed close relationships with my clients. Many of their relatives are my clients, too. So sometimes, it appears as a family session in my studio.

My work is my hobby; therefore, I know I have chosen the best carrier!